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Living The Nutrigenomic Life

You were born with something uniquely's called DNA (and you can thank your parents for it!). Your DNA is your genetic instructional manual (and your parents thought you didn't come with a manual, ha!). 

While your DNA is not something that can be altered, things like lifestyle, diet and your environment can change how your genes express themselves. In other words, you can't change a light-bulb from being a light-bulb, but you can control whether it turns off and on.   

Diet and lifestyle affect how your genes express
Your were born with something unique called DNA
Nutrigenomics can turn on or off genes

Nutrigenomics is the interaction of nutrition and genes. It is the secret to turning on "good genes" and turning off "bad genes" through intentional nutrition. It is a natural alternative to protecting and optimizing your genetic potential (which can actually be passed on to your future kids). 

Nutrition may not solve all our health and aging problems (yet!), but it is proving to be a major scientific and medical breakthrough as companies, universities and scientists race to uncover the secrets of nutrigenomics. From weight management, disease prevention, increased lifespan and improved energy, nutrigenomics is life giving, life changing, and life saving! 

Nutrition helps fight health issues
Family meals with nutrigenomics

Here at The Nutrigenomic Life, we want to keep you up to speed with the latest research and tips about nutrition and lifestyles that promote the best expression of you! Whether you are a professional athlete who feels like you're at your prime or a mom just trying to make it through the day, nutrigenomics is going to change the way you see nutrition and life"Styles" for you and your whole family.