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How to Biohack


Start achieving results in as little as 3 - 24 hours!

The Basics

Our bodies are incredible at figuring out how to survive. Whatever we eat, it manages to turn it into cellular energy. As you know, keto diets take advantage of this fact and aims to use fat as it's primary energy source.


Getting to Ketosis

You are probably doing it all and being told to be patient. If you're a lucky one, you can achieve ketosis in a few days. For the unlucky ones, it can take up to 10 weeks! Why the wait? Your body is working to transition to breaking down fat which is then processed in your liver and broken down to ketones. As ketones increase, you reach ketosis and begin to use fat as your fuel for energy. Simple, right?


Converting Fat to Energy

In order for ketones to be converted into cellular energy, it must go through the Kreb Cycle, just like glucose from carbs.

Girl Enjoying her Drink

It's not Ketones that directly make you feel good It's the energy conversion!

Krebs Requirements

The Krebs Cycle requires a coenzyme called NAD+ to convert ketones to energy. However, ketones require less NAD+ than glucose for conversion. This coenzyme is so important that you would die within 30 seconds without it. It is equivalent to breathing in and out, but for your cell survival.


Why Fast with Keto?

During keto, people often fast. Because fasting increase NAD+ which increases energy conversion. In other words, intermittent fasting can help convert ketones into energy!


The Bad News

NAD naturally decreases with age leading to aging and age related diseases for obvious reasons. Less NAD equals less energy conversion equals cell death. In order to increase enough NAD+ through fasting alone would require supervision of a physician.


NAD Activating

vs. Supplementing

Through a recent discovery of nutrigenomics (nutrition for your genes!), there is NOW a way to activate your cellular potential with the first ever, all natural NAD Synergizer! You will not find a NAD Synergizer anywhere else! (Go ahead and look, I'll wait)

Keto dieters often use NAD supplements to increase the Krebs Cycle during ketosis, but activating your body to make NAD is nearly 100 times more effective!

DNA Strand

A NAD Synergizer...


  • Is not the same as NAD supplements. The best NAD supplement can increase sirtuins (A NAD dependent protein) by only 2% whereas a NAD synergizer can increase them 100% within 24 hours!

  • Can increase NAD levels in as little as 3 hours which can take a keto dieter days or weeks!

  • Is not dependent on a type of diet (keto, paleo, vegan, gluten, etc.)

  • Is 100% vegetarian and contains NO gluten, wheat, dairy, gelatin or yeast.

  • BSCG approved...for our athletes out there.

Try it, Feel it for FREE*!

Free Sample

The world is about to be introduced to the first ever NAD Synergizer and it is going to change the way we think and feel about health! The success of ketosis solely depends on the ability to convert ketones into energy via the Krebs Cycle. Don't settle for a Krebs Cycle spinning at a windmill pace when you can hack it and spin it like a pinwheel with a synergizer that will increase your NAD proven to be nearly 100 times more effective than supplements!


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