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Some people live to eat, others eat to live. Somewhere in the middle is the secret to health. While we don't actually believe that we are what we eat...or else I'd be a giant Hershey's Kiss by now...we do believe that food has a huge affect on us.

What if I were to tell you that the food you eat directly interacts with your genetic DNA?

Sound too weird to be true? Well, believe it or not, that is precisely what scientists are discovering and unlocking. They call it nutrigenomics!

That is why we have partnered with a publicly-traded company on the NASDAQ, the first company to produce, patent, and distribute an NRF2 (antioxidant activating) synergizer* with the combination of just 5 natural ingredients in one little yellow pill.

This Nrf2 synergizer contains a proprietary blend of natural plants and spices that turn on a series of genes in your body to make it's own antioxidant enzymes and fight the effects of oxidative stress by eliminating 1 million free radicals per day!

That's equivalent to about 375 oranges, 11 pounds of blueberries, 120 Vitamin C tablets, and 87 glasses of wine...DAILY! In other words, an impossible nutritional intake! 

If you think oxidative stress is no big deal, check out where there are more than 200,000 published papers on the effects of oxidative stress on our bodies. 
NRF2 Activation is the only way scientifically proven to reduce oxidative stress by an average of
40% in 30 days!
Currently, holding 11 product patents as well as 26 peer reviewed journals and counting, the company that makes this bio-hacking blend is backed by science and is leading the way in nutrigenomics!
Nutrition for your genes
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