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Blaming Your Genetics Stops Here

Nutrigenomics, Lifestyles

Welcome to The Nutrigenomic Life!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our subscribers who are the passion and reason we started this website and blog about nutrigenomics and the natural solutions available to optimizing genetic expression. This has become a life-giving and life-changing health discovery not just for us, but for many we know here and around the globe. In fact, our distribution was just approved this month to open in Germany and Mexico! We just might find a way yet to get a tax write-off for a Mexican Rivera cruise...anybody else want to go? (Hehe!)

Without further ado, we have some thank you's…

To our current customers...THANK YOU for seeing the value in what we have to offer and in return giving us value back as you continue to share your amazing success stories. Perhaps you will find one of these transformed customers premiered on the blog in the near future…”Wink-Wink”!

To our business partners...THANK YOU for encouraging us to be true to ourselves and helping us navigate the best way to reach out and help others while growing a successful business.

To our health professionals...THANK YOU for following us and sharing your expertise. We know your presence here with us will enhance the discussions and help us pursue greater depths of knowledge.

To our friends and family...THANK YOU for all your love and support and maybe even tolerance for putting up with us as we dream big and find our voice to make a difference.

We wanted you all to be the first to know that The Nutrigenomic Life has officially launched! That means you will soon receive consistent weekly blog posts and find us on some of your favorite (or least favorite, haha!) social media platforms. Visit us at to connect with us using your social media of choice. We sure would appreciate likes, shares, and follows!

John will be publishing short videos titled, “Wise Words” for your business practice. These timeless principles will encourage you in whatever field you are currently working and keep you grounded in professional servant leadership. You may have already seen one of his 5 videos on YouTube!

Jenn will be bringing you short episodes called, “Jennetics”, simple explanations and concepts regarding nutrigenomics as they relate to your health, genetic expression and lifestyle. She will go slow and simple so everyone can learn some amazing facts of life at the cellular level (no molecular biology degree required for viewing!).

As we continue to understand these major health discoveries, we look forward to building a healthy life with all of you as we strive to break the cycles of disease that runs in our family and yours. It's time to stop blaming our genes and start utilizing solutions and lifestyles that ultimately help express the best you!

Your partners and friends in health,

John and Jenn McDaniel

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