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Urgent Attention!

This week's blog is postponed because I am sitting bedside with someone I love who is fighting sepsis today in the emergency room. But, that is not what needs your urgent attention today. 

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to save a life today!

I'm not talking about donating blood or money to find a cure to cancer. I'm asking you to do something extraordinary simple for someone you already know. 

"Who is it?" you ask. Well, they are in your list of contacts, they are among your friends on Facebook, it could be a co-worker, your next door neighbor or even someone under your own roof. Who is it that needs your saving? 

They are silent sufferers!

They may be dealing with complications of living with a chronic illness or fighting a battle against a body that has the power to attack itself as it works to try to heal itself. 

Today, I'm not asking you to be a superhero...I'm asking you to be a superperson, superfriend, and superneighbor!

Do you accept the mission? Then here are some ideas to complete your mission:

Send a text or give them a call and let them know that even though they suffer in silence, they don't have to suffer alone. 

Let them know you are thinking of them and praying for them.

Ask them what night you can take them out to dinner or bring dinner.

Offer to take their kids for a couple hours so they can rest in peace and quiet. 

Treat her to a mani/pedi and ask her to pick the day!

Offer him help on a home project this weekend.

Buy tickets to a game/movie/show and ask them to be your guest.

Invite their whole family over for a dinner and game night.  (Now they don't have to plan dinner or feel like they have to entertain the kids that night.)

Bring them a dinner and a movie. (Sometimes staying home and not having to plan anything or go out is most helpful.)

If it's someone at home, do some of the chores they usually do so they have time to invest in rest or a personal hobby.

Send "forget-me-not" flowers.

You are incredibly clever and creative people! Comment with some of you own ideas or what others have done for you that was meaningful.

Saving a life is more than a cure, it is remembering to remember those who are suffering daily.

God bless you and your mission today!

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