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DNA Protection Program!

Have you enrolled in our DNA protection program?

This brief video explains why your DNA is at risk every day and deserves your undivided protection. In fact, if you have watched commercials lately, you may have noticed that our culture is rapidly understanding the importance and significance of DNA health.

Check out my brief video this week about the life saving feature of telomeres!

Have you seen this TeloYears commercial? It truly is amazing that we can measure and manage our DNA like never before!

Curious to know how well you are aging? You can purchase a TeloYear Kit, HERE!

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Telomere length is undeniably associated with aging. Therefore, by preserving your telomere length and slowing the rate at which it shortens, you slow the aging process and reduce the risk of premature age related diseases.

According to pubmed,gov, research suggests a significant relationship between oxidative stress and shortened telomere length. Thanks to our leading nutrigenomic researchers, our NRF2 activating product is scientifically proven to decreases oxidative stress 40% in just 30 days, so imagine the DNA protection you could be providing!

Why wait until your telomeres have unraveled beyond repair?

Unfortunately, research has not yet discovered a way to permanently reverse telomere shortening (whoever makes that discovery is going to make millions!). However, slowing the rate of shortening is the next best thing. Therefore, the sooner you start protecting, the better! If you would like to slow the aging process for just $40/month and save $1,000s in deductibles, co-pays and prescription refills, send us an email and let us know you would like to enroll in our DNA protection program starting today!

You will receive our NRF2 activating essential that will genetically slow down your aging process and start protecting you from the harmful free radicals invading and destroying your DNA.


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