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So, You Wanna Be A Rockstar?

This week, we (John and Jenn) headed to the kitchen to conduct a little research of our own. It wasn’t exactly rocket science or pubmed worthy, but it did prove what we already knew to be true. In a side-by-side comparison of popular energy drinks, such as Monster, Red Bull and Rockstar, we expose the fact that these drinks induce a false surge of energy by means of a sugary metabolic reaction.

Check out this video to see which energy drink rated the worst!

Junk drinking is becoming a problem for many people. Think of the all-nighter college students, sleep deprived moms, 9-5 commuters and 12-hour nurse shifts! While many drinks are advertised as "energy" drinks, they are far from smart. The sugar, caffeine and calories typically found in these drinks can leave you with jitters, extra pounds and the hard fact that what goes up must come down!

Our smart energy drink, in comparison, utilizes all natural ingredients to work with your brain’s chemistry to ACTIVATE mental focus, attention, clarity and alertness without sending your pancreas into a tailspin or adding unnecessary weight from excessive sugar and calories!

Have you ever witnessed what happens to a toddler when you give them sugar? Would you qualify their reaction as having gained energy? If not, then when and why did we start thinking this was a good idea as we got older?

Let’s drink to no more fatigue, no more brain fog, and no more imitation energy!

Competitive Edge

And for all you Powerade, Gatorade chugging athletes out there, don’t even get me started on that! Just check the labels. Our smart energy drinks are BSCG approved especially for you and will provide more than simple just might give you the mental edge to outwit your competition (athletic research journal currently rumored to be coming soon)!


If you are curious to try a sample,

email us and we will send you one of our favorite flavors!*



*Offer expires 12/31/2017. One sample per household. While supplies last. US residents only.

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