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We haven't blogged in awhile and here's why...


In January we moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico! John took a position as Associate Pastor of Worship and Education and we couldn't be happier to be serving at a church with some really amazing people!

Not to mention, the food alone is good enough reason you should come visit us! We'll take you to some of our favorite local restaurants we have found and love. You will rarely find us at a chain restaurant these days. The flavors of Santa Fe definitely add a spice to life!


While we were enjoying a cruise with 10 of our family members shortly after our move, we found out we are expecting a fourth McDaniel!

Baby boy McDaniel is due in September and Little Miss McDaniel couldn't be happier to welcome a little sibling. As she watches Jenn's belly grow, she grows impatient waiting for him to "come out". Even though we've had about 20 weeks to let the reality of this exciting news sink in, we still can't quite believe we are going to be a family of four!

It's been quite the New Year of new beginnings and we haven't spent as much time as we would like blogging as we have been adjusting to a new normal. However, we have several new team members who have joined The Nutrigenomic Life and are committed to becoming the best nutrigenomic educators for their friends and family. We are proud to be apart of such an exciting company and witness to the results of such an amazing medical breakthrough! We see and hear life changing stories daily, which serves as confirmation that we are in the right place at the right time.


You've likely been receiving several emails this past month regarding privacy policies and terms of use from like EVERYONE! That's because today, May 25, 2018, website owners must meet the requirements of the GDPR, a data protection law that applies to businesses that process personal data by automated or manual means.

Therefore, like everyone else, we would like to inform you of the changes and updates we have made to our privacy policy and terms of use in order to protect both us and you!

So, should you have a problem with insomnia, you are in luck today because you can read our updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Use HERE. Did you actually click and look?!

If you are receiving this email, it is because you opted in to subscribe to our blog in the past by submitting your email to us. We are committed to continue providing you with our best service, products and information. However, if you no longer wish to receive tips, news, educational blogs, and occasional promotional content about products and services that may be of benefit to you, your health and lifestyle, you can unsubscribe at anytime by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of emails we send out. We'll try not to take it too personal, but we like you and hope the feeling is mutual!

Thanks for taking the time to catch up on all our NEWs!

All our best,

John and Jenn McDaniel

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