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Jennifer McDaniel
Meet Jennifer

I'm a molecular biology drop out. After an intense genetics course and only 5 classes shy of my major, I was conflicted between awe and ethics. The future of genetics seemed synthetic, manipulative and in extreme cases inhumane. My Senior year at the University of California, Davis, I switched to a psychology major with a minor in nutrition and thought I would never again look back on genetics. I was wrong!


Today, I am more excited than ever to introduce you to nutrigenomics...the interaction of nutrition and genes. A natural alternative to optimizing and protecting your God-given DNA!


If you are looking for cellular health and aging solutions, you've come to the right place.

I am so glad you decided to join us in learning more about this new and promising scientific breakthrough and the healthier life it can create for you as it has for us. No molecular biology degree required!

Meet John


For the first time in history, highly educated people are either experienced out of their fields or are being replaced by an overly saturated online culture. As a professional musician who holds a Master's degree, I understand the struggle of conventional income.


That is why I am most excited to introduce you to our company that is structured and resourced to provide both time and financial freedom!


If you are currently looking for a better business opportunity, extra income or retirement options, visionaries and entrepreneurs like us look for specific company "must-haves" that contribute to our ability to succeed and grow. The great thing is that success is not achieved alone here!

John McDaniel