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Cellular Aging


Is there a difference

between your cellular age

and your chronological age?

This is Joe. He is 50-years-old. Fifty is his chronological age (in yellow). Joe's cellular age can be lower, equal or greater than his chronological age.

How old

are you?

Good Cellular Health

Average Cellular Health

If your cellular age is LOWER than your chronological age, you are on track for aging well as long as you continue to protect your cells from the harmful effects of oxidative stress that naturally increases with age. Combine your healthy lifestyle with an antioxidant synergizer for ultimate protection and maintenance. 

If your cellular age is EQUAL to your chronological age, you may want to consider changing some of your lifestyle habits as well as protecting your cells from the effects of oxidative stress that can quickly accumulate. An antioxidant synergizer can reduce your oxidative stress and begin lowering your cellular age.

Poor Cellular Health

If your cellular age is GREATER than your chronological age, you are at risk of developing premature age associated diseases. Lifestyle changes and a combination of synergizing products can help you fight against the accumulative effects of free radicals and start to slow the aging process.

Oxidative Stress

What causes oxidative stress?

Pollution, smoking, sun exposure and infections are obvious examples, but simply eating, breathing and exercising can create free radicals as your body converts energy. Some of the best athletes have extremely high levels of oxidative stress no different than extremely sick people.

What can I do to protect my cells?

Eat antioxidant-rich foods, get adequate sleep, decrease electronic usage, etc. For the things you cannot change, like your DNA, use an Nrf2 antioxidant synergizer that activates your genes to reduce oxidative stress. 

Can I reverse damaged cells?

Yes, an Nrf2 synergizer taken with a healthy lifestyle can reduce oxidative stress meaning less free radical damage to your cells and any new cells formed, thus protecting your DNA from premature aging and age related problems.

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