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  Hydrogen                           Oxygen                            Water

Imagine it's a hot summer day. Your lips are dry and your tongue sticks to the roof of your mouth from dehydration. You don't have immediate access to water, but you find some liquid hydrogen and a tank of oxygen gas. Knowing water is made up of 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen, you drink twice as much liquid hydrogen as you breathe in oxygen. How well do you think you will self hydrate?


Not only would you still be thirsty, but now you would be dead! Just as vital as drinking water in its correct H2O form as opposed to taking each element separately, it is important to properly take combined nutrients. In some cases, the wrong mix can be life or death! 

How many nutritional supplements are in

your medicine cabinet right now?

Do you know how these supplements work when ingested individually? Do you know the effects of certain combinations? How do you find the right combinations to optimize the potential value for you and your body? 

The mix is right if...


...synergy occurs! Synergy is when the combined value of individual nutrients is far greater than the sum value of each individual ingredient. The secret really is in the mix!

For example, let's take the Nrf2 synergizer which contains 5 natural plant and spice extracts. We will label them as Extract 1, Extract 2, Extract 3, Extract 4, and Extract 5. Each has an antioxidant activating value as seen below. 

       Extract 1           Extract 2              Extract 3            Extract 4            Extract 5

           1.3                      1.5                          2                         2                          8                  = 14.8 Expected Value

As you can see, each of these five nutrients have an individual antioxidant activating value that would expect a combined value of 14.8 in sum. However, when specially formulated together by a nutraceutical company, they actually have an antioxidant activating POWER OF 36!






You cannot achieve this degree of synergy by taking each of these nutrients in separate pill or food form. This patented formula binds these ingredients in such a way that has proven to be an incredible health discovery surpassing any amount and combination of superfoods and vitamins you could possibly consume alone. While a healthy diet is still essential, this secret mix contained in one little yellow pill does not merely provide you antioxidants, it turns on your body's own genes to MAKE ANTIOXIDANTS BY THE MILLIONS rather than eat them one by one!

That's Synergy!!!

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