NRF2 is a protein found in every cell of your body that regulates the expression of antioxidant proteins which protect against oxidative damage. Oxidative stress is to our body as rust is to this ship. By activating the NRF2 protein, several genes are turned on to protect your body from injury and inflammation.

Oxidative stress is like rust


NRF1 is also a protein in every cell of your body that regulates the expression of cell growth as well as mitochondrial respiration, transcription, and replication. Like an engine in your car, mitochondria are the powerhouse of every cell in your body. NRF1 activation turns on and boosts your metabolic genes. NRF1 works best with NRF2 activation.

Mitochondria the powerhouse
NAD Synergizer


NAD is an essential coenzyme in your cells. In fact, so essential that without NAD you would be dead in 30 seconds! It can be thought of as the money that pays a CEO of a company as well as all the employees, rent, utilities, etc. Unfortunately, this coenzyme decreases with age. Some follow a keto diet to try and increase their NAD levels. However, with the NAD Synergizer, NAD levels begin to increase within as little as 3 hours!...something that can take a committed dieter up to 10+ days to achieve. Of greatest medical significance is the NAD Synergizer's ability to increase Sirtuin activity (the CEO) 100% within 24 hours!

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It's never convenient when your gas light goes on while driving down the freeway. Our bodies can feel the same way by midday. When you feel low on energy DON'T pump your body full of caffeine and sugar. Go green and be energy efficient with our smart energy drink mix, an all natural blend of nutrients in decaf or low caf for mental clarity and focus. 

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